At Sunrise Dental Studio, our dentist and team offer children’s dentistry in Pasadena, Maryland. Normally, our office would like to see your child six months after their first tooth comes in. These first visits play an important role in helping your child develop good dental habits and get a head start on a lifetime of great smiles. Call 410-647-3595 today and one of our team members can schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Yau.

Our dentist and team love helping children care for their smiles! We want your child to have positive dental experiences and feel comfortable in our office, and when you bring your child to their appointment, we will take the time to help them feel at ease. Our goal is to establish a safe, trusting relationship that will help your child learn good oral habits and promote their oral health for the rest of their life.

During your child’s dental visits we will gently clean their teeth and check for any developing dental problems. We recommend that you bring your child in for their very first appointment after their first tooth erupts, or no later than one year of age. At that point, we will establish a regular schedule for visits. Our dentist and team are here to be a resource for you in caring for your child’s smile and oral health, and we will work with you to answer your questions and help your child grow and develop properly, including helping them learn the best ways to brush and floss.

If you have any questions about children’s dentistry or would like to make your child’s appointment, please call our team today!