The Interesting Truth About Sugar: Does It Cause Cavities?

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The belief that sugar directly causes cavities is a myth that many of us have heard since childhood. While there’s a kernel of truth to this claim, it’s more of a half-truth that has stubbornly persisted over the years. Sugar itself doesn’t cause cavities, but it does serve as a rich food source for the bacteria in our mouths. When these bacteria feast on sugar, they produce acids that can lead to tooth decay if not properly managed. Understanding the true relationship between sugar and cavities is key to maintaining a healthy smile while still enjoying your favorite treats.

This is one myth that lives in the land of the half-truth. This may be part of the reason it’s so persistent and difficult to root out. Sugar does not cause cavities, but it does provide an abundant food source for the bacteria that live on and around our teeth. Without being rinsed or brushed away, it provides them with everything they need to produce the acids that cause decay and reproduce. You can eat and drink sugary foods if you want; just be sure to brush and rinse afterward.

You don’t have to completely eliminate sugary foods and drinks from your diet to protect your teeth from cavities. The key is to maintain good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing and rinsing after consuming sugary items. At Sunrise Dental Studio in Pasadena, Maryland, we’re dedicated to helping you understand the facts about dental care and debunking common myths. By staying informed and practicing consistent oral hygiene, you can enjoy a healthy, vibrant smile. Visit us today to learn more about how to keep your teeth strong and cavity-free, no matter your dietary preferences. Call 410-647-3595 to schedule your visit with our Pasadena dentist, Dr. Jennifer Yau.